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Getting A Driving Licence
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Residents of Barbados

Citizens or residents of Barbados, on reaching the age of 16 years, may apply to the Barbados Licensing Authority for a learner’s permit. A Regulation/Theory Test must be successfully completed before the applicant can apply for the permit. The applicant must apply for a photo ID such as a passport or Barbados Identification Card and three passport-sized photos before sitting the Theory Test and paying the relevant fee before receiving the permit. The driving test will usually be taken within three months of the permit application being granted. A candidate on passing the driving test may obtain a licence by applying on the prescribed form and paying the relevant licence fee.

A learner driver must be accompanied at all times by a licensed driver who has three years or more experience of driving the class of vehicle which the learner is driving and must display “L” signs conspicuously placed on the back and front of the vehicle. The “L” sign must not be displayed while the learner is not driving the vehicle.

A Barbadian who has obtained a licence abroad, or a new resident who holds a valid foreign licence, may apply to the Licensing Authority for a Barbados driving licence. The application must be made on the prescribed form and the relevant licence fee must be paid. A test may be required at the discretion of the Authority.

Visitors and Temporary Residents

A visitor or temporary resident of Barbados may obtain a temporary driving permit by applying to:

  • The Licensing Authority offices at The Pine, St. Michael, Oistins in Christ Church and Holetown in St. James
  • At any approved hired car agency.

The applicant must be in possession of a valid driving licence issued by the traffic authorities in his/her country of normal residence. There is a fee for the permit, which will be valid for one year or until the expiry of the applicant’s driving licence, whichever is the shorter time.

Driving Licence And Permit Fees

Theory Test - $30.00
First issue of permit (valid for six months) - $80.00
Renewal of permit for three months - $35.00
Visitors permit - $10.00 for less than two months
Visitors Permit - $100.00 for two months and over and up to a maximum of one year.
Driving Licence Renewal for one year - $50
Driving Licence Renewal for three years - $125.00
Driving Licence Renewal for five years - $200.00
With effect from January 2010 persons 65 years and over will pay $25 per year for renewal of driving licences
There is a fee of $50.00 for vehicle investigations (when vehicles are off the road).

Skills which an applicant must demonstrate to the Testing Officer when undergoing the test to obtain a driver’s license
(in accordance with section 65(3) of the Road Traffic Act 1981-40)

Failure is automatic if applicant contravenes the Road Traffic Laws.

  • Read in good daylight the (with the aid of glasses if worn) the registration number affixed to a motor vehicle at a distance of twenty-five metres in the case of a registration mark containing letters and figures ten centimeters high and at a distance of twenty metres in the case of a registration mark containing letters and figures seven centimeters high.
  • Ability to start the engine of the vehicle and read instrument on dash board
  • Clutch control and changing gears
  • Overtake, meet or cross the path of other vehicles and take an appropriate course
  • Turn right-hand and left-hand corners correctly
  • Stop the vehicle in an emergency and normally, and in the latter case bring it to rest at an appropriate part of the road
  • Drive the vehicle backwards and whilst so doing enter a limited opening either to the right or to the left
  • Cause the vehicle to face in the opposite direction by the use of forward and reverse gears
  • Give by mechanical means, if fitted to the vehicle, and by hand, appropriate signals in a clear and unmistakable manner at appropriate times to indicate his/her intended actions
  • Act correctly and promptly on all signals given by traffic signs and traffic controllers and take appropriate action on signs given by other road users
  • Turn right-hand and left-hand corners without de-wiring
  • Drive the vehicle backwards and cause it to face in the opposite direction by means of its tracks
  • Parking between two vehicles, and if two vehicles are not available behind a vehicle i.e. by the side of the road
  • Pulling out from parking position at the side of the road
  • Reversing in hill and at road junctions
  • Stopping and pulling off in hills
  • Slow driving between traffic and pedestrians
  • Holding of steering wheel and sitting position
  • Gear selection at corners, bends and hills
  • Reaction time
  • General control of vehicle